Live the Life of a Champion


Everyone has a champion inside of them, and we want you to be your best. You may not be a world class athlete, or the PTA President...but we all have goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome. We believe that incorprating good nutrition, excercise and spirituality, you give yourself the fundamentals to create a champion life.


Take special care of you everyday.

Your body is your vessel. Regular sleep, quality fuel and good hydration help you think clearely and function at a championship level.

We support the nutrition of whole, organic foods and believe that supplementing your diet with
Juice Plus +® is a great start to a healthier you.

Carolyn and Allen are representatives for this great product. If interested, you can learn more about Juice Plus+ here.


Exericse your body everyday

Your body is a machine. It needs to work. You may not be a world class athlete like Allen, but some degree of daily movement helps you function at your best.

Get outside and start today. A daily walk lubricates joints, supports your heart and boosts your mood.


Walk with and get to know God everyday.

No champion is complete without a connection to self and spirit. We are all made in the image of God, and are born hungry to find peace with our Creator. By nurturing a personal relationship with God, you find peace, humility and strength that makes you capable of living your best life.

Pray, Set Goals, Make Plans, Work Hard, Suceed, Thank God Always and Stay Humble. 

Allen and Carolyn challenge and encourage those whose hunger drives them to seek and discover more.