Hear from the Champions.

Arming Champions Radio was broadcasted live for three years.  The show was hosted by World Champions,  Allen and Carolyn Fisher.  They  interviewed world champion athletes, journalists, award-winning producers, healers and others who live the life of a champion. 


Ken Shamrock  

MMA World Chamnpion, UFC Hall of Famer and known at one time to be "The Most Dangerous Man in The World!"

Join us for a live conversation with the godfather of Mix martial arts (MMA). Shamrock is a worldwide recognized MMA fighter and inductee to the UFC Hall of Fame. In addition to fighting, he is the founder of the Lion’s Den, a renowned fighting school where some of the world’s best fighters have trained. Shamrock is also a businessmen, international speaker, author, and founder of Lion’s Den Ministries, a not-for-profit ministry to troubled youths.


September 2014

“Mr. Intensity”, Allen Fisher

Allen is a 26 time WORLD ARM WRESTLING CHAMPION. Allen has dominated and continues to dominate the sport for over 3 decades, competing and training around the world. He was featured in AMC's hit show Game of Arms  He is also currently on ESPN for the WAL tournaments. (World Arm wrestling League) He was in Sylvester Stallone's "Over the Top", Wide World of Sports (1980-1985), ESPN, CNN, and many other Talk shows, been featured in magazine articles Nationwide, and participated in interviews with prominent Sports and News casters. He started the only Arm Wrestling Training Camp in the World has trained many of world's best, the strongest and most knowledgeable Arm Wrestlers in the world!

May 2015

Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik

Fame Frenzy: Emmy Award Winners Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik: Producers for some of Discovery Channel's and AMC's hit reality shows, including Game of Arms the highest-rated unscripted series premiere in the history AMC TV.

This week we have two exciting guests on our show: possibly some of our most recognized names, and incredibly accomplished individuals: Ethan Prochnik and Matt Renner, Executive Producers for Undertow Films. Together these two have developed amazing projects, such as Discovery Channel's TV series “Deadliest Catch” and their newest project AMC's “Game of Arms”: an unscripted reality television show about American competitive arm wrestlers.

www.undertowfilms.com   |    www.GameOfArms.com

May 2014

Kenny Johnson

Actor and Arm Wrestling Champion

Kenny Johnson starred as Matt Webb, Detective Jane Timoney’s (Maria Bello) contractor boyfriend on NBC’s gritty crime drama “Prime Suspect” and is most well known as Detective Curtis “Lemonhead” Lemansky on the critically acclaimed series “The Shield”. He was also the series lead opposite Holly Hunter on “Saving Grace” and has recurred on FX’s #1 show “Sons of Anarchy”.A native of New England, Kenny Johnson grew up on a 30 acre farm. He started out his career landing roles in films like “At Home With the Webbers” opposite Jennifer Tilly, “Blade" and “Major League 3". Most recently Kenny wrapped two large arcs; one on “Bates Motel” for A&E and the other on the final season of the hit Showtime series “Dexter”.

April 2014

Jerry Sanders - former Major of San Diego

Jerry Sanders has a lifelong career in public service, and is philanthropy exemplified. He served as the SWAT team commander before becoming one of the youngest police chiefs in San Diego’s history. United Way in San Diego, American Red Cross, City Council , President and CEO of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce are just a few of the many magnanimous endeavors and achievements of this icon of San Diego.


April 2015

Aaron Chang - world renown sports photographer

Can You Picture That?

Award winning, internationally acclaimed Aaron Chang will be our guest. Aaron is a surfer and quite easily the best extreme sports photographer in the world. He has been published all over the world in hundreds of books and magazines including National Geographic, Forbes, Rolling Stone and ESPN to name a few. Chang was the Senior Photographer for Surfer Magazine for 25 years, specializing in extreme action sports and international travel. He is a featured subject in numerous TV shows. Chang was voted best San Diego artist of 2014. The The Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery

February 2015

World Champion arm wrestler, Carolyn Fisher

To the Overcomers

Carolyn will recap the guests for 2014, and share some inspiring thoughts to bring in the new year. Also with her will be hand picked guests to call in and share how they have overcome challenges this past year. Tune in and listen to the overcomers.


January 2015

Jeremy Baker

POWER IS! JEREMY BAKER. He possesses some of the most powerful hands in the world, and can rip two decks of cards in half as well as, bend horse shoes into the shape of a heart. Jeremy can snap a crescent wrench in half and drive a 16 penny nail through a 2 x 4 with his bare hands. He is known to millions around the world for running full speed and diving head and shoulders first into walls of ice 10 ft. thick! Recently, Jeremy won the gold medal for board breaking in the Connecticut Open Tae Kwon Do Championship and was featured on ESPN’s 360. He has traveled extensively to over 30 countries.


April 2015

Lt. Commander William H. LaBarge, USN (Ret.)

In the Air: an interview with carrior pilot veteran, bestselling author and Top Gun Bill LaBarge.

TOP GUN William H. LaBarge- is a Twenty-Three-Year Navy Carrier Pilot Veteran, with many of those years working for SOG (special operation group). LaBarge retired as a Commercial Airline Pilot after twenty years and is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He is the National Bestselling Author of, Aviation Book of the Year, ”Sweetwater Gunslinger 201”, along with “Hornets Nest”, “Road to Gold” and “Desert Voices”. He served as a technical advisor for the movies, “Final Countdown”, “TopGun”, “FireFox” and the TV series “JAG”. Bill and his wife live in California for more information on William LaBage you can visit his web site:


July 2014

2 time Olympian an Heptathlon Champion, Shelia Burrell

American Heptathlete, and head Track and Field / Cross Country Coach at San Diego University, Shelia Burrell is our special guest on Arming Champions Radio. Burrell has coached four NCAA individual champions, 23 all americans, 38 Mountain West individual champions, two MW relay champions and 92 all-MW performances. Additionally, 28 school records have been set under her watch. Join us for an exciting hour with one of the best coaches and athletes in the nation.


November 2014

World Arm Wrestling Champion, Allen Fisher


Allen Fisher, 26 time World Arm Wrestling Champion and current 2 - Time WAL Champion, is still the guy to beat. He dominates the sport and is known as one of the most honorable, strongest, yet intense opponents at the table. Allen appeared in the Movie, “Over the Top” starring Sylvester Stallone, and won the tournament featured in the movie. He was one of the stars on AMC's Game of Arms - a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling. Game of Arms was one of the highest-rated unscripted series premieres in AMC history. The series hails from the Emmy Award-winning producers of "Deadliest Catch."


October 2014

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